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Camel Ultrasound 2020CMEF| The first day of the exhibition




  Innovative technology, wisdom leads the future!

  October 19, 2020

  Four days

  2020 Shanghai National Medical Equipment Expo,

  Grand opening at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center!

  The Camel Group, as an old friend of CMEF,

  Bring the company's series of products to a wonderful appearance.

  Tuoren Ultrasound, as a high-tech product of Tuoren Group, made a stunning appearance!

  The first day of the exhibition

  On the first day of the exhibition, the venue was extremely lively and crowded.

  At the booth of   Tuoren Group, new products and new technologies attracted the attention of many visitors.

  Camel Intelligent Ultrasound attracted many visitors, who came forward to inquire about the product and experienced the clear image of Camel Ultrasound and intelligent design.

  Let’s go straight to the scene below, don’t miss the exciting content!

  Consult the crowd

  in an endless stream

  Experience ultrasound

  A comprehensive understanding of

  Camel ultrasound is waiting for you here:

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