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Camel ultrasound remote escort, Ningxia and Huaxi completed online training



  Tuo Renyun Ultrasound-the unlimited possibilities of remote ultrasound on the Internet

  Camel Smart Cloud Ultrasonic Witnesses Historic Moments

  Ningxia Yinchuan

  On July 21, at a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers, Yinchuan Ningxia and West China Hospital in Sichuan successfully conducted remote teaching using Camel Ultrasound TRU200, completed online remote training, and conducted academic exchanges and discussed many academic issues.

  The picture shows the remote training site. Camel ultrasound staff and the expert team of West China Hospital completed the first remote training in real time. This training opened a new chapter in Camel ultrasound training and learning. Remote training can realize resource sharing and cross space. , Cost-saving, real-time and efficient. In the future, Camel Ultrasound will assist in carrying out more such remote training activities.

  During the epidemic, many academic activities could not be carried out. Camel ultrasound has the function of remote diagnosis and treatment online learning. It is equipped with a 1080P high-definition camera. Online video is like face-to-face learning with clear images. It is especially suitable for remote diagnosis, remote teaching and remote control.

  The development of Internet remote diagnosis and treatment services will help promote the sinking of high-quality resources and improve regional medical service capabilities. The demand for remote medical systems in primary medical institutions will increase significantly. The 5G remote function of the Camel TRU200 intelligent cloud ultrasound will be more focused in the future to develop related technologies, promote the sharing of medical resources, and help the development of China's telemedicine services.

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