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[Product Information] Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer



  The product is suitable for the sterilization of medical equipment, with one-button operation and rapid sterilization.

  product description:

  The H2O2 injection method of most products on the market at present is cassette type, touch screen design warehouse door opening and closing method, and our injection method is bottled type, adopting ergonomic bottle design to increase the comfort of hand. Intelligent injection system, according to the different sterilization items inject sterilizing agent. The door switch method adopts PC automatic control switch, foot sensor switch, anti-pinch function, more convenient and safer. The sterilization cycle of our products is short, and the sterilization cycle of different sterilization modes is different, the overall time is 25-60 minutes. And our installation method is simple and convenient, only need to connect the power supply to use.

  Applicable departments:

  Anesthesiology, Pain, ICU, Rehabilitation, Disinfection Supply Center, Operating Room, Plastic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Biology and Medical and other related laboratories, in-company laboratories or products that require sterilization, etc.



  Low-temperature plasma hydrogen peroxide sterilizer uses plasma and sterilizing agent to sterilize surgical tools and medical tools. During the sterilization process, the sterilization chamber is in a dry and constant temperature state, which is especially suitable for medical equipment that is sensitive to heat and humidity. After the sterilization is completed, a very small amount of oxygen and moisture are discharged, no additional exhaust facilities and equipment are required, and it is more environmentally friendly.

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