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The progress of medical devices is an important factor to promote the development of medicine. The progress of medical devices comes from the innovation of clinicians. It is the sacred mission of camel people to solve the problems of capital and technology transformation existing in the innovation of clinicians and promote the integrated development project of production, learning and research. After several years of exploration, with the support and help of all teachers, the project has made some achievements, but it is still in its infancy stage and needs mutual support and encouragement. In order to expand the coverage of the project and stimulate the innovation passion of more medical staff, since December 2009, camel people began to carry out the activities of "industry university research into provinces and cities" and "industry university research into departments", collect innovation projects by province as a unit, and conduct face-to-face communication with clinical medical staff for industry university research. Set up innovation consciousness and cultivate innovation atmosphere. Little by little innovation and continuous accumulation are the soul of the integration of production, learning and research.
Strong R & D strength and stable development ensure that every product we push to the market has reliable quality, scientific light distribution, beautiful appearance and long service life. And equipped with the implementation of timely pre-sale, sale and after-sale services. Huichuang people are committed to the establishment and maintenance of the brand, giving full play to the product advantages, service advantages, technical advantages, market advantages, environmental protection advantages, management advantages and sound publicity advantages of the enterprise. Make products and services more suitable for the market demand, with good reputation and reliable quality to the track of sound development

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At the same time of collecting production, learning and research projects, camel people pay more attention to the improvement of their own innovation ability. The group's three product areas have the research and development ability of anesthesia, pain and nursing products and mature manufacturing technology, which build a perfect platform for the implementation of production, learning and research projects. The Institute of injection molding and extrusion technology lays a solid foundation for the transformation of production, learning and research projects. At present, in order to make up for the lack of research in basic science and cutting-edge technology. The group has the best laboratories and high-tech product R & D centers at home and abroad, such as the laboratory of Air Force Institute of Aeronautical medicine, Beihang biology and medicine laboratory, polymer material laboratory of Beijing University of chemical technology, medical laboratory of West China Medical University in Sichuan, research and development center of kingke Co., Ltd. in Japan, to establish a sharing mechanism and greatly improve the basic conditions of science and technology. And the special fund for the integrated development of camel industry, University and research has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China.

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