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Shenzhen Tuoren Biomedical Electronic Co., Ltd. is a holding enterprise of Henan camel holding group. Explanation: in 1996, Wang Guosheng, the founder of Tuoren, changed the name of the enterprise into Tuoren, which flaunted the spirit of camel. First, he believed that there was oasis on the other side of the desert; second, he insisted, step by step, and made clear his belief of being a man and enterprise. In 1997, it registered a distinctive Chinese trademark of "Tuoren". In the graphic design, the word "Camel" is small and the word "man" is large, which explains that people should always stand tall and upright, and Fang Fangzheng is doing things. With the vision of building the world's first brand of anesthetic consumables, the mission is to meet the demand of medical progress for polymer medical devices / services involving disciplines, and to embody the values of application innovation, Centennial camel, and supporting the disabled and disabled.

Shenzhen Tuoren Biomedical electronic Co., Ltd. is located on the 4th floor, block h, national biomedical industrial park, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, adjacent to Pingshan high speed railway station and Pingshan entrance of G15 high speed, with extremely convenient transportation. For a long time, the company has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales services of medical ultrasonic electronics and other medical device products. In order to promote the diversified development of Henan group company, the business scope of Shenzhen company covers biology, electronic medicine and other multi-disciplinary fields. Relying on the group's brand advantages, the business and technology involved are also continuously expanded to all parts of the world. In mainland China, Taiwan, Lithuania and other places, a strong technical cooperation network has been established, with broad prospects for development.

As an excellent social citizen, camel people actively fulfill their responsibilities and give back to the society. As a model of supporting the disabled, the group has funded more than 20 million yuan of disabled children in poverty-stricken areas in recent years. In February 2010, nearly 500 disabled people were accepted and placed by the enterprise. In the future, 1000 disabled people will be provided with employment opportunities in succession! Camel group has won the honorary title of "home for the disabled" issued by the State Council, the "love enterprise" issued by the Youth Federation of central state organs and China Disabled Persons' Federation, and the "charity ambassador for the disabled and the disabled" of Henan provincial government! Wang Guosheng, chairman of the group, is currently a special member of the disabled persons' Federation of the Youth League of the central government, vice president of Henan disabled people's welfare foundation, visiting professor of School of biology and medical engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, visiting professor of Sanquan college, Xinxiang Medical College, and instructor of the first battalion of anti-aircraft division of the preparatory service force of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. He was invited to teach in the school of continuing education, Tsinghua University in 2012 Class, and to give a number of universities to teach entrepreneurial experience, inspirational education, employment guidance. Children are the future of the nation, education is the foundation of rejuvenating the country, camel people have long paid attention to and supported education. The Group donated 3 million yuan to build the first two track accessible primary school in Henan Province. Twelve classes can accommodate more than 500 students. The completion of the school enables disabled children to receive regular and good education. Since 2012, "camel encouragement scholarship" has been set up for the College of Anesthesiology of Xuzhou Medical College, Sanquan College of Xinxiang, and electromechanical College of Henan University of science and technology to assist the poor college students to complete their studies.

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